C.CRED / Collective CREative Dissent (1998-2008) was a London-based but very nomadic artist collective and members-run platform for the development of collaborative structures, projects, interventions and other initiatives seeking to link art and aesthetic practice to a wider socio-political context. Although maintained by a small group of people, it operated primarily through wider collaborations and continuously changing collective structures and networks.

Largely speaking, the activities of the collective tended to be configured around two central concerns:

1. To enter into critical, non-institutional/academic dialogue about artistic strategies, tactics and contexts, and modes and conditions of artistic production and distribution, both as a critical engagement with existing conditions and as an attempt to open up towards the production of on-going, alternative modes of practice, production, exchange and distribution.

2. To establish a framework for the development of different forms of collaborative artistic practice, including direct intervention and interference practices, but also cartographical models, networking practices, processes of archiving and resource sharing, and self-organized modes of collective learning, radical and critical pedagogies, and so on and so forth.

One of the founding members of the group, Ola Ståhl has since its demise collected and re-worked parts of the archives of the collectives using a wide array of strategies and multiple genres and styles of writing. The first part of this ongoing project, C.CRED Protocols – vol. 1, was published as part of a collaboration with US-based artist group Red76 at Stacione in Pristina, Kosovo, in 2012, accompanied by a series of readings and discussions of Herman Melville’s novella Bartleby alongside critical commentaries engaging with Melville’s work. You can download a pdf-version of C.CRED Protocols – vol. 1 here.

Parts of C.CRED Protocols has since been re-published in the literary blogs Rymden and Kornkammer, and in the anthology AK28 Revisited and Three Parallel Visions (Stokholm: Mount Analogue, 2011).

The publication and on-site making of the book at Stacione, coincided with a presentation of C.CRED and a reading of parts of the book. Video recordings of the event can be watched here: