Ola Ståhl (2014)

Pebbles; or, the world has become a flatter place is a project in three parts, produced in response to an invite to participate in Esmeralda Valencia and Julia Calver’s event Nearly and Nervous Nearly and Now at Gallery Box in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event, which gathered artist who writes and dealt with themes to do with materiality in text, consisted of an evening of performances and readings, a round table discussion and a publication. The performance of Pebbles involved live and duplicated voices, cassette tape recorders and images shown on an overhead projector.


You can listen to the performance and watch the images on the slideshow here:

The manuscript of the performance is available as a pdf here.

Alongside the performance, a more theoretical commentary was included in the publication put together for the event under the title Towards a Nonliterary Creative Critical Writing Practice. You can download a pdf-version of the text here.