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Using experimental publishing and, more specifically, the format of the artist’s book, the “site projects” are attempts at exploring three specific sites as nexus where materialities and historical, socio-discursive formations and trajectories meet creating significant cultural and political meaning and opening up to, at times conflicting, forms of commemoration and forgetting, demarcation and erasure, use … Read more

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Coca Leaves and Bourbon Taking as a point of departure, a specific combination of flavours, Coca Leaves and Bourbon is an improvised sound piece for piano and electric guitar recorded by Ola Ståhl and Damon Little at the Headlands Centre for the Arts in 2010. Additionally, the sound piece formed part of Soundfjord’s sound art … Read more

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TapeWorks I’m speaking to you from Provincetown, Massachusetts — for Charles Bernstein Longer,                                                                                                                                                                               is reflected pool.                                                                                 … Read more

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alt.SPACE: A Network of Artist Research Groups In face of the increasing commodification and capitalization of the academic and other culture and knowledge industries the alt.SPACE Network is an international, transdisciplinary formation of self-organized, non-institutional research groups set up by the artist collective C.CRED with the overall aim to explore artistic and other forms of … Read more


[ Vienna, Vilnius, Riga, Weimar, Leipzig, Leeds, London, Tallinn, Helsinki, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Chicago, Zagreb, Berlin, Malmö, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Portland, Tampa, San Francisco, Melbourne, New York City ] counter/cartographies: lists and links; invite, network, resource counter/cartographies: nomadic centre; installation, archive, forum counter/cartographies: minor cartographies, dialogue walks, events and situations counter/cartographies – lists and links : an … Read more

permanent ignition

The permanent ignition project emerged as a form of dialogue and collaboration involving the artist collective C.CRED [Collective CREative Dissent] and a number of activists, historians, and film makers active in Italy during the socially and politically so significant years of the 1960s and 70s. This dialogue developed and took as its form a series … Read more