Ola Ståhl & Terje Östling (2012-2014) The Brutalist council housing complex Park Hill is located on a hill in the center of Sheffield. It was built between the years 1957 and -61 and has since been the subject of several discussions and political debates. In their artist book 23500T (2012), Ola Ståhl and Terje Östling … Read more

Pebbles; or, The World Has Become a Flatter Place

Ola Ståhl (2014) Pebbles; or, the world has become a flatter place is a project in three parts, produced in response to an invite to participate in Esmeralda Valencia and Julia Calver’s event Nearly and Nervous Nearly and Now at Gallery Box in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event, which gathered artist who writes and dealt with themes … Read more


MANIPULATIONS is a platform for an ongoing investigation of the concept of manipulation. Seeking to address the concept and relating practices from a range of perspectives, we lodge our investigation firmly within the present conjuncture and the crises and conflicts from which it is composed. MANIPULATIONS, as a concept and a set of modes of … Read more


Ola Ståhl & Terje Östling (2014) Seeking to explore the elasticity of the isolated graphic mark as a signifying component, the project Border takes as its point of departure the substantial collection of 20th Century prints kept by The Art Museum of Estonia, KUMU. The material gathered in the collection quite literally represents a plethora of … Read more

The Outlands

Ola Ståhl & Neil Chapman (2009 and ongoing) The Outlands is a long-term, collaborative creative critical writing project involving Ola Ståhl and Neil Chapman, and occasionally other invited collaborators. Seeking to explore writing primarily as a collaborative process the project has generated several outputs (chapbooks, artist books, published essays and performances) that may appear disparate … Read more


FASAD (2009-2013) was a journal mounted on the facades of an office and studio complex at Dalaplan, a busy intersection in central Malmö, Sweden. The journal presented text and graphic based work by writers, poets, artists, journalists and designers. Drawing upon various traditions of wall and window-based publishing, FASAD was an attempt to establish and explore potential … Read more


Ola Ståhl (2006-2012) Appropriations are a series of re-workings or bastardisations of canonical literary and theatrical works, including novels and plays by Samuel Beckett, Virgina Woolf and Louis-Ferdinand Céline. These appropriations take the form of printed works in different formats (artists’ books, chapbooks, posters) as well as performances and sound pieces. RANT Rant is a … Read more


Ola Ståhl & Cassandra Troyan (2008-2013) FILM is an intermedial collaboration between Ola Ståhl and Cassandra Troyan, that explores intersections between fictional writing, archival material and film historical and theoretical discourse. Based on a common narrative material, they have produced parallel work, constantly referring to each other. Ståhl through a text based practice and Troyan … Read more