(1.) A couple of big vans were busy all day yesterday moving the furniture, books, records and documents from the upper offices of the Police Department at 64 Eddy street to the new Hall of Justice – the $1.000.000 structure – opposite Portsmouth square, on Kearney street. At 6 o’clock last night the work had … Read more


Ola Ståhl’s project “Eftersläckning” consists of an artist book of thirty-nine volumes accompanied by a series of short pieces of writing. Taking as its point of departure, the Finnish civil war and, in particular, the so-called White Terror and the detention camps run by White Guards across Finland during and after the Civil War, the thirty-nine volumes … Read more


The project F I L M dates back to 2008, when Ola Ståhl was unexpectedly given the handwritten manuscript of the unpublished memoirs of his great granduncle, a person about whom he knew virtually nothing. Having previously worked extensively with the restaging and reworking of found sound and text, Ståhl began reworking this found manuscript, seeking to … Read more

Concrete, & The Smear

Concrete, & The Smear from Ola Ståhl on Vimeo. A R C H I T E C T U R E ,   C U T   O U T   O F   S T A T I C Raised edge, but slightly, shaded space beneath, crevice inhabited by microbesand bacteria;crevice where microbes and bacteria might multiply. Raised edge, but slightly, dim spread beneath, across … Read more


Ola Ståhl & Terje Östling / PS Malmö The Brutalist council housing complex Park Hill is located on a hill in the center of Sheffield. It was built between the years 1957 and -61 and has since been the subject of several discussions and political debates. In their artist book 23500T (2012), Ola Ståhl and … Read more