Centre for Climate Emergency Studies

Climate Emergency Studies
– Research Education Action –
Linnaeus University

Climate crises with potentially catastrophic consequences constitute a planetary state of affairs. This has been indicated with sufficient certainty across scientific disciplines. In response to scientists’ climate warnings, nation states, local municipalities and universities around the world have, in increasing numbers, declared a “climate emergency”. 

Despite such dramatic proclamations, however, business-as-usual tend to continue. A problematic gap thus appears between political declarations based on science, and the lack of required climate action.

Climate Emergency Studies (CES) proposes that the gravity of this lack of action urges forth a paradigm shift across ecological, socio-cultural, political and scientific domains. This entails the incorporation of what might be referred to as a geo-ontology and geo-epistemology across disciplines figuring the Earth as the active foreground rather than a passive backdrop, and a focus on the geo- oriented ethical and pedagogical practices this involves.

Focusing on higher education, Centre CES aspires to establish Climate Emergency Studies as a centre at Linnaeus University and as part of an emerging international network. As such, it seeks to situate itself at the nexus between current expertise regarding the causes and impacts of the climate emergency and the construction of cross-sectorial, multifaceted spaces for ethico-aesthetic, political action and agency. In doing so, Centre CES seeks to critically map out existing knowledges and articulations of the “climate emergency” exploring its current epistemological and political status. Furthermore, it seeks to develop new transdisciplinary and transversal conceptual frameworks and collaborative, project-based pedagogical models enabling “climate emergency” to be translated into “climate action”. The intention, in other words, is not so much to provide expertise and competence in any specific field. Rather, Centre CES wants to provide geo-oriented knowledges apt for implementation across different fields.

Project Coordinator: Ola Ståhl
Steering Group: Jørgen Bruhn, Åsa Nilsson Skåve, Martin Gren and Ida Bencke

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