Publication Studio Malmö

In 2008, as the artist collective C.CRED gradually disbanded, part of the group relocated to Malmö, Sweden. After a short period during which C.CRED resumed some of their activities in the form of a mini-alt.SPACE residency project in public and domestic spaces and in the self-organized cultural space / association Ystadvägen 13, the activities of C.CRED ceased and, in its place, continuing some of the work of the collective in a different fashion and with a different focus, the experimental publishing platform Publication Studio Malmö was initiated, situated in the space at Ystadvägen 13 and often involving long-term collaborations with other members of the association as well as different constellations of local and international collaborators.

Focussing on publishing as an intrinsically social and collaborative practice open to experimentation, and the publication itself, in an expanded sense, not as a generic, simple artefact but a cultural nexus of trajectories spanning across wider sociopolitical terrains and involving research and collaborative and participatory process conducive to artistic, creative critical, approaches and perspectives, the work carried out within the framework of Publication Studio Malmö included site-specific artist books; facade publications, performances and live events; transmedial editing projects; appropriation- and plagiarism book series; and experimental sound workshops, performances and releases.

Using the shared space at Ystadvägen 13 as an office, primary production facility and host venue for various kinds of events, the facades and ground floor front of the building could be semi-closed off and functioned as a more permanent publishing interface and studio shop.

The images above are from the construction process of the semi-transparent book shelf / partition trap door between the facade and studio shop and the workshop, office and production facility.

PS Malmö Projects